Who Are We?

Edelman is the world’s largest privately-owned communications marketing firm with more than 5,500 staff working out of 65 cities around the world.

We are also the largest PR agency in the Middle East, with over 160 staff (40% Arabic speaking) working across the region.

But it’s not about size. It’s about quality.

As Dan Edelman, our founder, would say, it’s great to be the biggest, but we must always strive to be the best.

What We Do

We shape the future.
The future of communications and marketing.
The future of your brand and business.
The future of the UAE.

Since we started in Abu Dhabi in 2008, we have worked with governments and institutions on shaping the future vision of the region. During this time consumer behavior has dramatically changed. We are now in an age where everyone is connected, digitally empowered and people do not trust traditional ‘paid marketing’. We believe all marketing needs to earn its audience, so that people write about it, talk about it, and share it.



  • Brand Building

  • Media Relations

  • Strategic Planning

  • Brand Protection & Crisis Management

  • Performance Media, Search & Analytics

  • Digital Crisis Management

  • Community Management

  • Creative Content

Our Expertise

We have the broadest range of consultancy services of any agency in the region. Each practice area – from Media Relations to Events or Digital – can work independently to answer specific briefs, or together to provide a one-stop shop integrated solution.

Brand Building

  • We help brands to build trust and engagement with consumers. We understand that brands are built with two sides: rational and emotional. It’s not just about what you say, but what and how you say it. We know how to create the right personality for a start-up or an established brand.

Media Relations

  • We build and maintain relationships with media, positioning clients for success. With more than 20 languages spoken in our team, we can communicate on your behalf across the world, while our Arabization team will not only translate but transcreate, finding the right Arabic sentiment and tone to convey your message.

Strategic Planning

  • We leverage a rich understanding of business, the broader cultural context, and critical consumer insights to achieve the desired outcome. Our services include: market segmentation; target audience behavioral analysis; customer journeys and experience mapping; channel agnostic and integrated communication strategies.

Brand Protection & Crisis Management

  • Edelman helps navigate a breadth of crisis and issues management situations to protect a company’s most important, asset: reputation. Our team counsels global companies, mid-sized organizations and government entities to ensure maximum crisis preparedness whilst building a strong crisis management infrastructure.

Performance Media, Search & Analytics

  • We have a growing paid media offering that includes social media, search, and partnerships, supported by measurement techniques to ensure that the compelling stories that people want to share and discuss are seen and consumed by the right audience, at the right time, in the right space.

Digital Crisis Management

  • With the advent of social media, companies can no longer take a “wait-and-see” approach in times of crisis. It is critical that companies be prepared to adapt, engage and respond faster than ever before – and Edelman works with companies to do exactly that.

Community Management

  • We create bespoke community engagement strategies that ensure our brand communities are vibrant places creating positive, impactful social behaviors around referral, review and recommendations. All are tailored to meet client’s marketing and publications goals, while staying true to the audience’s interests.

Creative Content

  • We craft truly original stories that are talked about, written about, and shared. We understand how to bring your brand to life, and convey product messages through compelling, engaging content that can be either short or long form.

Edelman Digital

  • Edelman’s digital and mobile capabilities span across Owned, Earned, and Paid platforms. We work with partners to ensure digital and mobile experiences are optimized across all browsers and mobile web platforms. We think beyond marketing and shape integrated programs across all touch points.


  • Our team of creatives, producers, writers, 3D & 2D designers, technical and digital experts and event staff deliver the full range of brand experiences, exhibits, roadshows, immersive environments, as well as event marketing and content solutions. Whoever your audience is, we deliver relevant and insightful work that helps change perceptions.

Reputation and Trust Management

  • Our approach to reputation and trust management aligns organizations with their critical stakeholder groups— government, employees, customers, partners, investors, regulators, the media, and the general public. We craft research-driven positioning strategies that help organizations find a compelling voice that cuts through an increasingly cluttered and skeptical communications landscape.

Influencer Mapping & Engagement

  • Influencers are at the core of the communications ecosystem today, alongside traditional media and brands. Our proprietary methodology and purpose-built influencer platform, “Starview”, is a customized talent database for search, identification, campaign management, and detailed audience insights.

Employee Engagement & Internal Communications

  • We develop change management programs that mobilize employees in times of company transformation - be it mergers or acquisitions, new market entries, privatization, or reorientation of the company strategy. We increase collaboration among employees and connect them to the outside world as company spokespersons and advocates.

Executive Coaching

  • Our coaches work with senior executives for a variety of situations, including presentations to internal and external audiences, media interviews, and press conferences including crisis. Our CEO coaching covers areas such as mastering storytelling and our coaching for junior executives develops core skills such as media handling and digital communications.

Cultural Change Campaigns (Health, Youth, Issues)

  • Our planning team will use data drawn from multiple sources, including our own proprietary systems Starview or Command Centre, to find deep human truths and insight. Our aim is to provide the right influencers (journalists, bloggers, friends, fans) with compelling content that results in a powerful call to action.

Development & Production

  • No technology exists in isolation; this is true now more than ever. As mobile technologies become increasingly sophisticated and ubiquitous, identifying the synergies that exist between desktop and laptops, mobile media, and tablets – and understanding how consumers use these devices to fulfill their needs – is critically important.

  • Edelman Digital

  • Experiential

  • Reputation and Trust Management

  • Influencer Mapping & Engagement

  • Employee Engagement & Internal Communications

  • Executive Coaching

  • Cultural Change Campaigns (Health, Youth, Issues)

  • Development & Production


Our Clients

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