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 Public Relations

Edelman’s view of PR might be different to others in the region – PR has moved on from the age of pure media relations. Whilst this is, of course, still important we really think about ourselves as being story tellers – working to identify and then deliver brand led stories to target audiences across all forms of media.

We also help increase trust, change behavior, engage communities and achieve commercial success through our research driven creative approach to public relations. Edelman has a proven track-record of developing media strategies for our clients that meet the media’s need for timely and newsworthy stories. We use a model called “Transmedia Storytelling” that enables us to maximize our clients’ media outreach strategies by telling their story through several channels: Traditional Media, Hybrid Media, Social Media and Social Networks and Owned Media Assets

Our key capabilities include:

Consumer Marketing

Edelman Consumer Marketing is in step with today’s active consumers who have the power to carry brands. Managing a portfolio spanning lifestyle and leisure, luxury, culture & art, food & beverage and real estate brands, entertainment and nightlife. Our approach is grounded in research, insights about the consumer and cultural trends. Acting on these trends and insight, we motivate consumers to take action online and off, stimulating the brand engagement that leads to lifetime loyalty.

Today’s consumers are no longer passive – they’re connecting with each other in myriad ways, engaging with brands in co-creation and generally re-wiring the practice of marketing to fit their needs and values. Edelman understands this new consumer—more importantly, we understand how to reach and engage them. We leverage research driven insights—including our full suite of intellectual property and thought leadership materials, and a range and depth of expertise in all facets of consumer marketing.


Our Corporate practice protects reputations and strengthens a company’s relationships with key constituencies. Guided by the belief that increasing the level of trust in a company is the keystone of these endeavors, we work in close partnership with corporate clients to engage employees, deepen customer loyalty, attract investors and align government and public interests.

Our unifying proposition is that well-crafted strategic communications are essential tools that build trust among key stakeholders and preserve, protect and propel business value. We have the experience and the skill sets to offer both a global and local perspective, wherever you operate or want to expand your business.

Edelman’s Corporate team has extensive experience working with companies across a range of scenarios from financial reporting to capital markets work such as IPO process.  The team helps clients implement a communications strategy that defines and articulates an investment thesis in order to lay a strong foundation for maximizing value.

Edelman is unique in that we offer a world class IPO and Investor Relations team that is complemented by other strategic communications services, such as Digital, Public Affairs, Crisis and Employee Engagement.

Our corporate team includes individuals from diverse cultures and professional backgrounds,  who know how to employ a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach that enables clients to achieve their long-term goals and vision.


Edelman Health helps the world’s leading organizations and brands use multiple channels to engage and tell their stories around health. Collaborating with clients across a variety of sectors — from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to retail companies, consumer groups and government — we offer expertise that is deep and wide-reaching.

In this complex, interconnected world, Edelman has the global perspective, resources and people to help our clients thrive in the business of health. Our health specialists and colleagues stay at the forefront of medical, scientific, business, policy and societal issues. Guided by this insight, we are able to help the world’s leading organizations and brands use multiple channels to engage and tell their stories.

To clients we bring both experience and a deep understanding of the issues — an understanding we cultivate from being at the forefront of medical, scientific, business, policy and societal issues. Leveraging both, we partner with clients to turn knowledge into action, to pull clarity from uncertainty, to lead in uncharted territory and to transform health.


Edelman Technology understands that what matters most to people isn’t just technology itself, it’s the connections technology enables – to people, ideas and communities. It’s the way technology helps us to work smarter and live better. So while we’re skilled at communicating product details and building compelling brand narratives for companies and their leaders – that’s not all we do.

Whether you’re an innovator, market changer or outright industry leader, Edelman can help you break through the tech clutter and deliver results that shape your reputation, build your brand and move your business.


Edelman Digital was established as the world’s first global social agency.

Our digital team in the Middle East includes professionals with expertise in digital marketing, reputation management, social media engagement, and website design and building. They have executed campaigns for local organisations as well as multinational companies, bringing their message to the Middle East market.

What we offer

– Strategy. When searching for answers, we always go wherever the audience lives online. Then we listen. By learning what they want, we can start delivering real value to the sites they frequent. This gives you the freedom to strike up a conversation and, before you know it, they’ll start collaborating and sending innovative content back to you.

– Creative. We find out what’s driving people to act online by analyzing the total information flow to and from your target. What we discover again and again is that people only speak openly where they feel a sense of connection. And connecting with people online means saying goodbye to your voice of authority.  You can’t dictate your brand if you hope to engage in a true conversation about it.

– Technology. Technology expertise is on board at the start of every project. Instead of just supplying the gears and steam, we figure out how to link our technologies in ways that add more life to every digital engagement.


Edelman UAE is the only PR agency in the region with its own in-house research arm; Edelman Berland which provides thought leading insights with a perspective. This makes us uniquely equipped to provide a full range of services to our clients. Edelman Berland’s Abu Dhabi office specializes in providing customized and targeted opinion research (quantitative and qualitative), strategic consulting, analysis and media measurement for clients across myriad industries.

Our skilled researchers and analysts have experience working with Gulf-based companies as well as foreign companies operating in the MENA region. Specifically, we have conducted research in Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Morocco, Guinea, and the United Arab Emirates.


Established in 2004, our dedicated 20-person team provides exceptional event experiences and client engagement solutions for brands. We have created unique customer experiences with brands and identities across government, corporate and consumer sectors. Our award-winning team offers extensive services in event conceptualization, engagement campaigns and on-site execution. Each project is tailored to the brand’s goals and business objectives. Bringing together strategy, marketing, creativity, innovative technology and audience engagement, we have immersed audiences in unique brand experiences through conferences, exhibitions, retail installations, brand launch events, gala ceremonies and corporate hospitality. Crucially, we always start by interpreting the vision of the brand and from there create an experience that delivers results.

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