Create a Living Brand

At Edelman, we believe that in a 24/7 world, brand communication must be living, breathing, and ever-evolving. A brand should listen, talk, celebrate, play, think and experience the world in real time, just as your audience does.

Our brand communication strategies are about more than just press releases, TVCs, websites and corporate IP. We believe in telling stories and sharing stories, knowing when to speak and knowing when to listen.

We believe that a brand should be built on big ideas that have real meaning for your audience. Your brand should live in the minds of your audience, not in editorial or paid adverts. That’s why at Edelman, it’s always a case of stories first and media placement second.

We believe that the magic happens when people are as involved with your brand as you are. To do that, we have to do more than just ask them to ‘live the brand’. Rather, we have to give them a brand that lives.

With our PR storytelling heritage, a network than spans the world, and real-time social and digital thinking at the heart of everything we do, only Edelman can transform a brand into a 24-7 Living Brand.

Public Engagement

The framework of public relations and communications is evolving fast. Stakeholders operate in a media landscape in constant flux. Social and attitude shifts across the spectrum mean that influential conversations can, and do, start anywhere, including across social media.

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