Job: Account Manager/Senior Account Manager

Title Account Manager/Senior Account Manager
Location Abu Dhabi
Job Information

The Role

An opportunity has arisen for an Account Manager/Senior Account Manager to work seconded with a major new Abu Dhabi client, leading one of three business units. This role involves being full-time embedded with a leading UAE company, working as part of a team of six secondees.

The Account Manager/Senior Account Manager’s primary day-to-day role will be to oversee account programs and be the daily contact with clients and partners, providing them strategic counsel on tactical implementation and solid project management skills.  

He or she will be leading major activities for accounts, managing teams to deliver strong results and ensuring work is of high quality.  They will also be helping to develop program plans for brands, ensuring tactics meet client’s business objectives. The successful candidate will work hand in hand with the client, forming strategy and consulting on global initiatives.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing account and being responsible for the overall quality and delivery of brand programs, ensuring client’s strategic goals are met
  • Daily client counsel, including problem solving
  • Develop and edit written documents that are on message and tailored to audience; documents will include slides, proposals, plans, budgets, and issues management documents
  • Keeping abreast of new developments, trends and opportunities for both clients and the wider industry
  • Leading and participating part in organic new business ventures, including pitching

Candidate Requirements:

  • Interest in the region/market, including government affairs and regional business developments impacting Abu Dhabi (+UAE)
  • Demonstrated independent account management experience
  • Understanding of budgeting client programs, including budget development, management, resourcing and forecasting
  • Very strong writing skills
  • Demonstrated strong client management/strategic counseling skills
  • Proven success leading media events
  • Demonstrated media outreach skills and network of industry and media contacts.
  • Excellent project management skills including delegation of tasks
  • Demonstrated ability to work flexibility and to tight deadlines
  • Demonstrated strong problem solving skills
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